WiFi and Ethernet (Cat5/6) Installation

CBG Multimedia can connect your home or office to the Internet by installing ethernet cabling (Cat5 and Cat6) throughout your home or office. Whether it is a hard-wired network or a network that relies on the latest wireless technologies, CBG Multimedia can provide the equipment and expertise needed to get your home or office online in no time.

We can assist you in the provisioning of Internet services from phone, cable and/or satellite providers, in addition to setting up your Internet-ready entertainment devices, such as smart TVs, mobile devices, laptops and smart home technologies.

CBG Multimedia offers the following internet and WiFi installation services:

  • Cat5/Cat6 Ethernet Cabling
  • Modem Installation
  • Router Installation
  • Router Setup & Configuration
  • Home Wi-Fi Setup & Optimization
  • Office Wi-Fi Setup & Optimization