Satellite and Cable System Install and Repair

If you have lost signal on your television, or are experiencing poor picture quality, pixelating or freezing TV channels, CBG Multimedia can come to your home or office to perform a repair on site, and get your TV working again.

A CBG Multimedia professional will perform a thorough diagnosis of your analog or digital television and other components to ensure you have access to your TV services. Once the issue has been identified, we work to restore your TV service to receiving the strongest signal possible.

CBG Multimedia has mobile vehicles fully equipped with every tool and piece of equipment needed to get your TV service streaming again, whether it's an aerial or satellite system. If additional equipment is required for the repair, such as a signal booster or an upgrade to your existing system to improve reception levels, we can provide those or advise you on how to procure them yourself. The A/V experts at CBG Multimedia are trained to repair your existing aerial or satellite system and boost your digital reception to optimal viewing levels.

We offer the following services for the installation and repair of satellite and cable systems:

  • Clean Up Existing System
  • Optimize Existing Systems
  • System Relocation
  • Test and Certify Lines