Coax Cabling Services and Coax Installation Services

Did you just build a new home that needs cable installed? Did you just move into an office that needs to be wired for cable? CBG Multimedia can install coax cabling throughout your home or office. Our professionals use the highest quality coax cable, install wall outlets for coax connections, fish cable through walls and ensure your wiring is hidden to leave your home or office with a clean look.

What is coax cabling? How is coax used in the home and office?

Coax cabling is used for transmitting signals used for cable television, high speed internet and data networks. Coaxial cable, or coax cables, and outlets for the cables are typically installed in new homes to allow televisions to receive cable service. Additional cable outlets are typically needed to provide homes and offices with high speed cable internet access.

Why do I need coax cabling professionally installed?

Although coax cables are simple to connect, they often require professional installation to ensure you’re receiving cable signal from your home or office’s cable outlets, to verify the cables are connected properly and to optimize signal strength by using components such as cable signal amplifiers. Additionally, the coax cabling professionals from CBG Multimedia plan out the best way to wire your home or office with coax cable to minimize the number and length of exposed cable, while also cutting cables to the proper length to eliminate wasted cable and avoid unnecessary slack in the length of the wire. CBG Multimedia tests and labels all of our cables to make it easy for our clients to understand the purpose of each cable.  Our experts can also recommend, install and repair cable system components, such as signal amplifiers, switches and patch panels, that are typically needed for commercial A/V systems in offices, restaurants and businesses with complicated cable, internet and data network installations.

Our Coax Wiring and Coax Cabling Process

CBG Multimedia follows a 5 step process for coax cabling and coax wiring:

  1. Identify our clients’ needs for coax cable and coax based systems
  2. Develop plan for installation that achieves requested functionality, hiding cables for aesthetic purposes and minimizing amount of cable, and therefore cost, for coax wiring installation.
  3. Wire coax cable in home or office based on the client approved plan. Installation includes fishing cable wires through walls to reduce the amount of visible cabling and labeling of cables for our clients’ convenience. 
  4. Once coax cables are installed, CBG Multimedia’s experts tests the signals and outlets for each outlet and component. If the signal isn’t optimal, we also make recommendations on how to improve the cable signal strength.
  5. Our installation team at CBG Multimedia does a final review of our cabling to ensure all of your project’s requirements are met, including hiding wires and fishing coax cable through walls. We also clean up any mess left behind and caused by our services provided.

We welcome your feedback!

CBG Multimedia always welcomes feedback from our customers and we encourage you to contact us via phone, email, or by messaging us on Facebook. If you like our work, be sure to leave us a review on Google and/or Facebook!

CBG Multimedia offers the following services when installing coax cabling and wires:

  • Coax Cable Signals Tested
  • Coax Cables Terminated
  • Coax Cables and Wires Labeled
  • Lines Wall Finished
  • Switch Installalation
  • Patch Panel Installation

Our Coax Cabling Projects:

Coax Cabling Contractor and Coax Wiring ServicesCoax Cabling Contractor and Coax Wiring ServicesCoax Cabling Contractor and Coax Wiring Services